What we do

We make sense of nutrition so you can focus on your success

We empower businesses to leverage new opportunities and navigate nutrition risks. Together we help create a customised playbook that combines nutrition, sustainability and social responsibility into one.

Nutrition Marketing

We help companies understand their product’s and brand’s real and relevant nutritional attributes and develop credible, unique value propositions.

Your why

Consumer demand for healthy food is on the rise, and food companies continue to look for ways to compete and grow through new product offerings and markets.

Companies often don’t know what nutritional attributes their products and brands offer, or how these relate to what consumers are looking for. The usual default is to copy everyone else. We make sense of nutrition, so you can be you, not a me too.

Our how

Through our in-depth knowledge of food, nutrition science, health claims regulations and policies, we can help your company stay ahead of the game. We take a holistic approach and look at the product’s nutritional attributes, in the context of the evolving marketplace and your business.

We do this by

  • Assessing the market opportunity, underlying drivers and competitive environment against your business’ goals and resources.
  • Reviewing the science and expert conversation behind your proposed offering, as well as relevant market regulations and policies.
  • Working with your product development, marketing and communications teams to ensure the product and brand is consistent with the proposition and messages are accurately communicated.

Nutrition Insights

We help companies identify opportunities and nutrition related risks.

Your why

Food companies operate in a complex and evolving landscape which requires an understanding of the dynamics in nutrition science, policies, regulations and consumer trends, and how these interconnect to affect your business.

All too often we see industries and businesses derailed when issues are ignored or misunderstood. This doesn’t happen overnight so being able to detect these early, allows businesses to prepare and adapt.

We understand how developments in one part of the landscape affect other areas and ultimately your business.

Our how

  • Constantly monitoring the food and nutrition landscape for new research, stakeholder opinions, media coverage, global policy and regulatory developments and consumer trends.
  • Identifying opportunities as well as nutrition issues that are relevant to your business, including the scientific evidence underpinning these to separate reality from media hype.
  • Participating in local and international scientific meetings and conferences and maintaining memberships with nutrition associations.

Nutrition Strategy

We help companies integrate nutrition into their social responsibility and sustainability goals.

Your why

For a sustainable future, we need to find ways to not only feed but nourish the world’s growing population. Food companies have a key role to play in this through the food they provide and how they market it.

Sustainability is a common feature in food companies’ corporate social responsibility goals but more often than not, nutrition is a missing element.

Our how

We help food companies understand how their business is performing against international benchmarks and work with them to develop nutrition strategies and initiatives that fit with their corporate and brand objectives.

  • Undertaking menu and product portfolio audits against international benchmarks and competitors.
  • Creating customised nutrition strategies and targets and a road map to improve your nutrition performance that will guide future product development, marketing and M & A activities.
  • Monitoring and reporting against targets.

“Jan has helped Synlait with several pieces of work, including carrying out science reviews and helping with regulatory submissions. Jan has a unique talent of interpreting scientific findings and translating them into business opportunities and easy-to-understand messages. This is due to Jan’s extensive experience spanning from science to marketing and business development.”

Elisabeth Weichselbaum

Nutrition and Health Manager, Synlait Milk