Empowering your business

The Nutrition Bureau is the food and beverage industry’s dedicated nutrition consultant, helping companies adapt for the future of food.

We use nutrition as a force for good, to balance purpose and profit and enhance value for both businesses and consumers.

We are future focused and provide independent, credible and evidence based insight to help businesses stay ahead of the curve.

We aim to foster healthy businesses and healthy consumers.

Presenting your business with confidence

With your brand credibility at the fore, we create evidence-based nutrition value propositions so you can present your business to the world with confidence!

Preparing you for the future

Globally aware, with an eye for emerging trends, opportunities and risks, we help prepare your business for the future of food.

Empowering your business

With our nutrition intelligence, you will be empowered to confidently navigate nutrition issues.

Supporting you to “do what’s right”

Together we will create a customised playbook that combines nutrition, sustainability and social responsibility into one.

What we do

The Nutrition Bureau is the food and beverage industry’s dedicated nutrition consultant, helping companies adapt for the future of food.

Nutrition opportunity and business development

Nutrition Marketing

We help you understand your product’s and brand’s real and relevant nutritional attributes and develop credible, unique value propositions, so you can compete and grow your business.

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Nutrition policy for businesses

Nutrition Insights

We help you understand the dynamics in nutrition science, policies, regulations and consumer trends, so you can identify opportunities and better navigate your nutrition related risks.

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Nutrition social responsibility

Nutrition Strategy

We help you develop nutrition strategies and initiatives that fit with your corporate and brand objectives, and integrate these into your social responsibility and sustainability goals.

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“Jan’s expertise and in-depth knowledge, particularly in dairy, has been so important for us in providing that crucial link we needed between the lab and the commercial world. Namely in product development, claims, key marketing messages, labels, regulatory and compliance work.”

Rebecca Davidson

Commercial Manager, Deer Milking NZ

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“Jan has completed various pieces of work on food projects for Pure Oil New Zealand over the past 7 years. Jan has a varied skill base with technical food expertise paired with nutrition marketing experience. The insights that she brings to a project are valuable. Jan’s commitment to a project is unwavering and I would recommend her services to any food business.”

Nick Murney

Managing Director, Pure Oil New Zealand